Savage Tales of Eberron Podcast

S2E01: Safe Harbour

April 6, 2022

On the premiere of Mourners of Lhazaar Season 2: In The Name of Cyre, the crew arrives at Rickety's Squibs to repurpose the Majestic Gryphon before enjoying some much needed shore leave. Later that night with Torlan's support, Daina reveals her true mission to Rus and Trucco while the Mourners decide what to do with their newfound freedom.

Background question: 01:32
Recap: 15:09
Advancements: 21:18
The action starts: 23:55

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Special thanks to Kristian Serrano for the intro narration!
Intro/outro music by Matti Palanen:

Additional music and ambient sounds:

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